Community Room Policy

Community Room Policy: The Library's Community Room is to be used to enhance the educational, cultural and community life of the residents of the Borough of Roseland. The Library, for its own purposes, shall have first priority in the use of the public meeting room; otherwise, priority in its use will be given to groups and organizations based in the Borough. The room is also available to other groups and organizations subject to the provisions of use. The Library Board of Trustees has established the following regulations to govern the use of the Community Room:
 Application for Use: Application for use of the Community Room must be made in writing at least thirty days in advance of the date requested, but no more than two months in advance of that date. Approval shall be at the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees. An approval does not guarantee the use of the full room. An approval may also be reversed in the event that usage interferes with library programming. The applicant must acknowledge reading a copy of this policy statement, sign the "Damage, Indemnification and Applicant Hold Harmless Agreement" and complete the attached application form.
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 Regulations: The Board of Trustees assumes no liability or responsibility for injury or damage to the person or property of either anyone attending the meeting or anyone in connection with the organization using the Community Room.
 Who Can Use the Room: The Community Room is available for corporate events, public gathering of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature.
Meetings in excess of one per month will be granted at the discretion of the Director or the Board of Trustees, based on availability.
A group must give adequate notice when cancelling a meeting (72 hours when weather is not the reason). Failure to do so may jeopardize future bookings. Fees for cancelled meetings are not refundable or will be returned at the discretion of the board.
Children's and youth groups may use the Community Room, provided they are supervised by one or more of the organization's adult leaders who assume responsibility.
The New Jersey State Library, membership organizations of the A.L.A., N.J. L. A., or the New Jersey Library Network may use the facilities on a no-fee basis provided two staff members/trustees have the option to attend the program without charge.
 Costs: The charge for the use of the Community Room which is payable in advance is as follows:

  • Full Fee Per 4 Hour Period 75.00 Per Hour
  • Additional time will be billed at 50.00 Per Hour
  • Borough of Roseland $ Free
  • Roseland non-profit Charitable $ Free
  • Roseland non-profit $ 10 Per Hour
  • Roseland profit $ Full Fee or Reasonable Donation
  • Non-Resident profit $ Full Fee (See Above)
  • Non-Resident Non Profit Charitable $ 10.00 Per Hour

 Room Usage: The Community room can only be used during assigned time. The room must be left in a clean neat arrangement. Chairs should be restacked properly and tables left near walls unless otherwise instructed. Tables must be covered during any craft projects, cleanup is mandatory. Brooms and mops are available in the custodial closet in the hallway. Taping or in any way attaching signs, posters or other materials to the walls is expressly prohibited. Groups may not store any items at the Library. Application for the use of the community Room shall be made in writing on forms supplied by the Library, and must be approved by the Director and/or the Board of Trustees. The fee, if any, is payable in advance. A certificate of insurance may be required from the applicant. The organization using the room agrees that it will pay for all damages to any property of the Library. The signer of the application will be responsible for the condition of the Community Room when the group leaves. Neither the name nor the address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. 

Materials such as brochures, which are distributed at the meeting, must carry the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting. The Library neither endorses nor sponsors gatherings other than those which are official Library programs. Organizations who fail to abide by these regulations will be denied further use of the room. Library sponsored programs are exempt from these regulations. The Board reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time, and to limit the number and frequency of public meetings. Organizations holding meetings after regular library hours must make arrangement to pick up and return the library key. Organizations who fail to pick up the key automatically forfeit their opportunity to hold their meeting at the Library. If the main Library is closed (after normal hours); exit from the Community Room is to be through the front door only, as all other doors are secured by alarm systems. 

 Curfew: No meetings, function or activity shall continue past 11pm. 

 Maximum Occupancy: 90 People